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Which remote fits me?

Confused about the remote you need?

By answering these questions you are 95% of the way there to making the right garage door opener remotes, parts, or replacement decision.

1) What is the Brand Name? Genie? Linear? Multicode? Stanley? Liftmaster? Or other?

2) What frequency does it use? 300 MHz? 310Mhz? 318Mhz? 360Mhz? 390Mhz? or other?

Look for this number in two different places:
The Receiver – this is the small attached box or built-in area on the back of your motor head unit, near the wire antenna;
The Remote – Look for any writing on an already existing remote that could point to MHz and/or Model number. Note any number that is in the 300s, even if it does not say "MHz" next to it.

3) Does the remote or gated community garage door opener use DIP SWITCH SETTINGS?

If it is dated 1993 or older, then check both the Receiver and the Remote (see above for locations) for the presence of dip switches. These will be a row of numbered toggle switches, usually 8, 9, 10, or 12. Note how many dip switches. Also note whether there are two positions (on/off) or three positions (+/0/-) on each switch.

If is made 1993 or newer, then look on the Receiver for a "Learn" button (aka Smart button, program button, or learn code button). This means you are using Rolling Code technology! You will probably need a ladder and may need to remove the light cover. Note if the button has a color like green, red, purple, or just black.

Note: Between 1993-1997, for some Openers you may still be using dip switches.

Once you have answered the following questions click on the brand name you need. When choosing a remote, read within the description to see if it will match the frequency you need; and your number and type of dip switches or whether it programs using rolling code. This will also help you to pick out compatible products like Keypads and Keychain-style mini-remotes.

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