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Sentex Telephone Entry System INFINITY-M
Sentex Telephone Entry System INFINITY-M
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Product Description

Refined, robust and reliable, the Infinity Series is engineered for exceptional performance and functionality. It combines the convenience of telephone entry with the flexibility of access control. The Infinity´s dynamic combination of power and expandability is designed with an extensive feature set to meet today´s needs and tomorrow´s growth. Each control panel can support card and code access for 2 doors or gates. In addition, the Infinity has the ability to network up to 16 panels for larger installation requirements.

The Infinity Series is perfect for securing any size office building or gated residential community. The LCDs utilize a high-contrast ratio and bright backlight for clear viewing in a wide range of environmental conditions. Names and codes are entered into the system through a handheld programmer or remotely with the optional SPSWin software.

  • Full Duplex Communications The system boasts audio that is crisp and clear in even the most congested environments by employing echo cancellation technology. This technology prevents cross-talk between the speaker and the microphone and allows for higher volume levels.
  • Long Distance and PBX Dialing To allow for regions that utilize multiple area codes, Infinity systems accommodate sequences of up to 11 digits, as well as PBX extension sequences of up to 6 digits.
  • Tone/Pulse Compatibility Systems are configured on-site to operate on either type of available phone line.
  • Variable Code Length Directory Codes and Entry Codes can be configured for individual site needs. Each Infinity can support from 1 to 4 digit directory codes and 4 or 5 digit entry code lengths.
  • Battery Backup Maintains clock and event record memory during power outages.
  • Burglar Alarm Shunt When access requests are authorized, the system triggers a relay, which is in turn wired directly to the externally monitored alarm panel preventing false alarm conditions.
  • Programmed Talk Time Talk time can be adjusted from 15 to 250 seconds to accommodate various entrance requirements.
  • Shared Phone Line Capability Up to 2 Infinity units can be linked to a single phone line, saving building management the cost of additional phone line charges. Only one unit will control the shared phone line at a time.
  • Controlled and Programmable System Relays This feature allows simultaneous control of the main gate and an auxiliary connection such as a second gate or door. Relays can be managed remotely from a touch-tone phone and can be latched in an open or closed position. The relays can also be controlled to activate for a set amount of time from 1 to 63 seconds.
  • Internal Modem An internal modem allows convenient system programming and management access with SPSWin from a remote office location.
  • Lightning Protection Infinity systems have some protection on the power and telephone line connections. However, external surge suppressors are recommended in areas prone to harsh weather conditions.
  • Non-Volatile Memory All database information is maintained in non-volatile memory ensuring system functionality when power is disrupted.
  • Transaction Monitoring The Infinity system is designed with an RS-232 printer port to print out real-time transactions allowing office or guard personnel the ability to keep track of on-site activities.
  • Password Protection Each Infinity can be customized with a 6-digit numerical password to ensure the security of database information.
  • Forced Door Alarms If an entrance monitored by an Infinity is forced open, an alarm condition will display at the SPSWin software screen to notify you of the event information.
  • Automatic Unlock Schedules Automatic unlock schedules allow you to leave certain entrances open during business hours allowing freedom of movement for vehicles, employees, and customers.
  • Anti-Glare In areas exposed to substantial sunlight, an anti-glare package can be installed to prevent direct exposure to the display, thus reducing glare.
  • Stainless Steel Housing All “S”, “M”, “L” and “DI” units include stainless steel faceplates as standard to ensure long-lasting durability. To increase the resistance to vandalism and environmental conditions, these systems can also be ordered with a stainless steel housing.
  • Multi-Link A multi-link chain of up to 16 Infinity panels can be networked together for ease of programming. All panels communicate through the first unit in the chain.
  • Full Controls For scenarios that require highly tailored access specifications, this feature allows the system manager full control of all access options on the Infinity system.
  • CCTV camera The Infinity L and M are capable of hosting a black-andwhite or color camera that provides live video directly to a television or monitor screen.
  • Commercial Building Directory Office building installations may require the Infinity L commercial firmware, which supports 12 lines of tenant names and up to 35 characters each.
  • Postal Lock Provision Infinity units support a switch kit that integrates with a U.S. Postal Service Lock. This allows postal carriers entry to a controlled area using a U.S. Postal Service Key. The postal lock is proprietary to the U.S. Postal Service and is acquired through them.
  • Handset A handset is recommended for sites requiring more privacy or located in a noisy environment. Available for all Infinity “M”, “L” and “DI” models.
  • No-Phone-Bill Interface All Infinity units can operate independent of an outside telephone line, minimizing operating costs and allowing system use by tenants without phone service.

Infinity S & M
  • Directory Codes: 20 (expandable to 2,000)
  • Full Entry Codes with Names: 125 (expandable to 3,750)
  • Full Entry Codes without Names: 500 (expandable to 16,000)
  • Event Buffer: 1,200 (expandable to 5,800)
  • Model “S” - Surface Mount Dimensions: 16"H x 11-3/4"W x 3-1/4"D
  • Model “S” - Flush Mount Back Box Dimensions: 16-3/8"H x 12-3/16"W x 2-1/2"D
  • Model “M” - Surface Mount Dimensions: 16"H x 11-3/4"W x 4-1/4"D
  • Model “M” - Flush Mount Back Box Dimensions: 16-3/8"H x 12-3/16"W x 3-1/2"D
  • Flush Mount Models “S & M” Bezel Dimensions: 18-7/8"H x 14-5/8"W
  • Power: 12 VAC @ 3.4 amps peak, 13.5 VDC @ 1.2 amps (without readers)
  • Warranty: One Year (extended warranties available)