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How Does a Clicker Garage Door Remote Work

To put it simply, a clicker garage door remote is a small device that transmits a radio signal to your garage door opener receiver. This signal tells your door to operate, either to open or close. When first invented these remotes were not very secure, making access pretty easy for just about everyone who could generate a radio signal. In the beginning, all clicker remotes worked on the same radio signal causing major security problems for the owners, and their neighbors if they had automatic garage doors, too.

The popularity of having an automatic garage door forced to industry to create a more secure way to operate the garage doors. DIP switches were created several years ago to allow for variations in the operating radio signals. A DIP switch is a series of very small switches connected to a circuit board. Each tiny switch on the circuit board can be moved to create several unique combinations. The switches are located in the battery compartment of the clicker unit as well as the back of the receiver. All of the switches in play must be set for the same clicker signal, otherwise the garage door will not open or close. When set properly, your neighbor or someone else who owns a clicker remote opener, will not be able to operate your garage door and gain entry into your home.

Clicker garage door opener remotes have given way for the most part to computer technology and rolling code generation. Newer remotes and door openers are equipped with computer chips that generate new security codes every time a door is opened or closed. The old codes are saved in a memory. Since these codes change with every use, it is more difficult for thieves and burglars to roll past your house and steal your security codes. Your neighbor will also not accidentally open your garage when he opens his. It is not a fool proof method, but it is very secure. One problem that may arise is if you push the button on the clicker and you're out of range of the receiver on your door. The clicker code will change but the receiver code will stay the same. The door only works if the codes on both the clicker and the receiver match.  The manufacture has already anticipated this problem and built in safety features to ensure that your door will open. The downside is that you will have to read your manual to find out how to activate this safety feature.